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The scientific evidence in support of Mindfulness & Meditation

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Mindfulness Backed By Science

Mindfulness and Meditation in the workplace is considered to offer a higher ROI (Return on Investment) than a generalised relaxation or wellbeing programme alone.

Over the last few decades thousands of pieces of scientific research has been carried out to examine the efficacy of Mindfulness and Meditation in varying contexts including the workplace, education and healthcare.

This research has shown remarkably that once a Mindfulness practice has been established the brain has the ability to re-organise and build new neural pathways as people undertake new experiences and ‘change out’ habitual patterns of responding (ie they can grow and rewire the brain over time which is known as ‘neuroplasticity’).

This can significantly and positively affect the way employees perform under stress and how they deal with complex situations.

Mindfulness Backed by Science.

Workplace Mindfulness: creating a healthy work culture whilst supporting business objectives of productivity and profitability

A Small Selection of Mindfulness Evidence & Resources

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In my experience the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation can lead to
better leadership, stress avoidance and greater generosity towards colleagues

~ Senior, Principle Scientist, Large Pharmaceutical ~

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