‘Stop Trying to Calm The Storm, and Learn to Surf the Waves’ (Adapted from “Wherever You Go, There You Are by J K-Zinn)

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‘Stop Trying to Calm the Storm, and Learn to Surf the Waves’.  Wise advice about how to live our lives in a constantly changing world. That is, when the ‘shit hits the fan’ (as the saying goes!), learn to accept what is, bring awareness to the present and move forward more skilfully into the next moment. 

As my daughter’s partner, William, knows only too well with the waves in Manly, Australia, he can’t possibly battle the waves hoping to stop the force of nature, however, I am pleased to say, he has learnt to ‘surf’ them pretty well. 

As human beings, we often find ourselves in battle either with ourselves or others or the world around us, wishing our lives could somehow be different or better or easier than they are. Does that ring true for any readers? Confusion and stress can reign!

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 Mindfulness though can teach us to view a situation with more clarity and perspective allowing us to act from a sense of grounded intention, using that small GAP (that moment of awareness), to choose whether to REACT or RESPOND.  As you will realise, there is a big difference here, which when felt and realised, can have a profound impact at work or home.  Being able to learn how to regulate emotions, and reduce reactivity can certainly improve relationships, and create a high performing and focused culture within organisations. 

According  to Corey Lewis from Forbes Business Council “Employees who take concrete steps to reduce their stress levels experience fewer health problems, which means they’ll take fewer sick days. They’ll also enjoy improved focus and energy on the job. And, of course, happy staff present a very important message to the jobseekers you’d like to attract: It’s great to work for you!”

Life is always going to do its thing and throw us many pleasures as well as many curve balls whether those are in board rooms, negotiations, H.R., finance, sales or customer services etc. or in our personal and family lives at home. It is how we perceive and relate to these situations that is important and influences how we proceed and how we learn to ride the highs and the lows of life. 

Sometimes, instead of fighting the storms, we may reap better results, if we just mindfully grab our surfboards and ride out the waves, with a deeper understanding and empathy. Giving ourselves CHOICE can be a marvellous thing. It’s definitely worth a try anyway. 
Lead trainer, Bonnie Roberts, from Positive Consultancy Ltd  runs workshops in Stress Reduction and Resilience through Mindfulness  training, for Businesses and Organisations. More information to be found here.

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