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Resilience Coaching That Will Create Opportunities For Personal And Demonstrable, Business Growth

From our statistical research, it is obvious that resilient leaders are viewed as the most effective leaders
~ Zenger Folkman ~

Building and Sustaining Resilience

Resilient Leadership is not about strength on the outside, it is about an inner self- awareness and a willingness to learn from life’s challenges and ‘curve balls’. To “overcome and grow, rather than be defeated and deflated”. Adversity in work, health, family – or any area of life – could be around the corner both for you and for your team, as the Covid 19 pandemic has shown. It is more important than ever for businesses to reach out and develop a new style of leadership, which builds and sustains resilient teams and individuals, enabling them to emerge stronger, more flexible and more confident.

“A resilient leader is a person who sees failures as temporary setbacks they can recover from quickly. They maintain a positive attitude and a strong sense of opportunity during periods of turbulence. When faced with ambiguity, a resilient leader finds ways to move forward and avoids getting stuck. Many studies have indicated the importance of resilience as both an individual and leadership trait”. (Joseph Folkman, Forbes)

Resilience is a skill that everyone can learn

Business Case for Building Resilience

Resilient Leaders and their teams:

  • Anticipate major events and change
  • Prepare and respond pro-actively
  • Understand their own strengths and areas for development
  • Maintain perspective and know how to re-balance
  • Build a positive, optimistic culture for healthy high performance
  • Improve productivity and morale
  • ‘Lean in’ and respond to a crisis with purpose, commitment, and future-focus
  • Measure the current resilience of their team and the actions needed to improve that resilience
  • Are aware of stress and the risk of burn-out in self and others, and the actions needed to mitigate these risks
  • Can relax more fully and enrich their sleep patterns

Leaders will learn how to develop a leadership style, that is more open, empathic and decisive and will be able to create an environment that is optimistic, creative, enjoyable, engaging and more supportive. The result is teams and businesses that respond, recover, thrive and flourish in an uncertain world.

Resilient leaders build and sustain resilient businesses and organisations”

~ Richard Roberts, CEO Positive Consultancy Ltd ~

Our Approach to Building Resilience

Our One-Day Resilience Programme helps Leaders and their teams to understand clearly what resilience and sustainable wellbeing means for them. We work to enable each individual to better identify their own sense of ‘resilient strengths’ and help them to develop a growth mindset and behaviours where people learn to overcome the pressures and demands that drain energy, confidence, ability and performance. This process is enhanced by illuminating options, models, tools, strategies and ways of working that are based on the latest, measurable, evidence-based research.

This robust model builds not only personal resilience going forward but also an awareness to be able to support and develop the resilience of others within a team setting. 

We seek to bring all of our creativity and energy to design and deliver resilience programmes that are inspiring, life-enhancing, and that truly make a difference to each individual and their wider organisation/business.

We have experience of working with leaders and their teams in a wide variety of businesses across a range of sectors from health care, finance, construction, heavy industry, pharmaceuticals, small businesses, individuals, public sector, and not for profit.

Thank you for this excellent workshop. I am already making significant changes to how I work in my business and lead my team. I have learnt so many impactful lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life

~ Director, Pharmaceutical Company ~

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Building and Sustaining Resilience

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