Resilience Programme

Resilience - A crucial skill for high-performing leaders

Resilience is not a luxury. It is a 21st century imperative!
~ World Economic Forum ~

One-Day Resilience Programme

Building resilience is a vital capability for any leader who wishes to navigate through the challenges and pressures of the modern workplace. It is now a pre-requisite to not only know how to endure such uncertain landscapes but also how to get stronger and thrive in the midst of them, both personally and professionally. Positive Consultancy’s Resilience Programme focuses on just how to achieve this.


  • Develop clarity and understanding of what resilience means for you
  • Know your current resilience strengths
  • Learn insights from the latest research into building and sustaining resilience skills
  • Experience, practice and embed many of these new attributes
  • Prepare to build, demonstrate and sustain resilience within your team/business
  • Create an action plan to develop resilience skills

Research shows that firms imbued with resilience don’t just survive, but they thrive in the face of change and uncertainty
~ F. S. Southwick et al. ~

Course Content

  • What key questions do you have about resilience?
  • Definition and clarity on what ‘resilience’ and ‘stress’ look and feel like for you
  • Insight exercise on your resilience journey to date
  • Understanding the latest research/models/skills for building and sustaining resilience
  • Life Balance Wheel
  • How to develop your Resilience
  • What this means for you and for your team and business
  • Create an action plan going forward to help embed resilient behaviours in self and in your organisation

Resilience is not an endowed gift. It’s not a DNA deposit that was made when we were born. There’s no resilience app. It’s a learned capability and it’s very much like a muscle in that we make it stronger by using it.

~ Professor Nancy Koehn (Harvard Business School) ~

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