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Many of our clients from all over the world, testify that remote
coaching has been the best investment they have ever made

The Effectiveness of Remote Coaching

We coach many of our clients, who are Leaders in some of the World’s largest companies, remotely (including telephone, Skype and Facetime).

Based on the feedback from our clients, we have come to realise that coaching remotely can be at least as effective as face-to-face coaching and has many advantages:

Remote Coaching Via Telephone, Email & Video Calls.

Key Benefits Of Remote Coaching:

  • Private & Discreet
  • Remote coaching can offer a huge degree of anonymity. For many people, it is possible to open-up more easily than in a face-to-face session. Remote coaching is an intimate process and our coaches are renowned for the way in which they can put you (as the client) quickly at ease and build trust.

  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • Remote coaching can be extremely flexible and agile, and is very cost effective. There is no travel time and distance is not an issue. Executive Coaching is not mentoring, nor is it training. Coaching is a co-operative partnership which enables clients to enhance their own performance and deliver first class business results.

  • Focus & Clarity
  • Remote coaching encourages total concentration, from both the coach and the coachee, on what is essential – the COACHING and nothing else. Visual distractions are removed from the interaction, strengthening the effectiveness of the process.

  • Creative & Effective
  • By bringing all of the coach’s creative skills to the coaching conversation we have learnt that every exercise that you can do face-to-face can be successfully completed remotely. Furthermore it can be equally enjoyable, purposeful and highly successful.

Improved Results:

We currently have clients (Board Directors, HR Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Commercial Directors, Senior Partners, Senior Finance Directors, High Potentials) who are based in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa, most of whom we have never met except remotely.

Clients testify that the results from remote coaching are amazing, with many stating that the investment in themselves through the coaching process has been the best investment that they have ever made and has enabled more effective changes to happen in the workplace.

I would never have believed that executive coaching by phone could be so effective

~ Marketing Director, Chemical Engineering Company ~

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