Face-to-Face Coaching

Face-to-Face Coaching which delivers improved performance and outstanding business results

Accelerate your own success and that of your business with Face-to-Face Coaching

Face-to-Face Coaching

As the demands, pressures and expectations increase on Senior Leaders in all industries and sectors, there is a growing requirement for these Leaders to find an effective and sustainable solution for achieving high performance at the pace required.

These Face-to-Face Executive Coaching Sessions are focused on the strategic imperatives of the business and the specific areas of individual development that will drive performance and profits.

All our Face-to-Face coaching sessions are specifically designed to accelerate the success of you and your business. We combine our operational experience at Senior Director Level with a deep knowledge of the craft of coaching in service of you – the client.

Face-to-Face coaching will enable you to send transformational ripples throughout your organisation in ways that positively impact the performance of the entire business.

Face to Face Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Style
  • With the help of your coach, you will define a powerful vision for yourself and you will develop the motivation to drive for and achieve this vision.

    You will set higher goals, reaching them faster, making more informed decisions, and improving the effectiveness of your overall relationships with all your key stakeholders.

    An opportunity to look at your leadership style, how it impacts on others and to develop different ways of leading that extend your style, giving you greater flexibility in how you work with the teams and leaders around you

  • Achieving Your Future
  • Coaching is about your future, discovering your potential and achieving it – more quickly and more effectively.

    Your coach will support and encourage you to deliver increased performance by getting you to focus on what is fundamental to you and your business.

    Your Coach will encourage you to take consistent ACTION towards reaching your performance goals.

  • Fundamental Change
  • Coaching will reinforce the fundamental thing about ‘change’ which is that it starts with you and you will be encouraged to examine your performance and how it impacts on the people around you and the wider business.

    You have more insight about yourself and your performance than anyone else, the role of the coach is to help you to find the best solution, and to access all of the resources available to you to achieve this.

    Success comes through a combination of exploring and challenging your assumptions, motivations and strengths and reinforcement as you start to make changes which are recognised and acknowledged by others.

  • Know Yourself
  • Becoming self-aware is about the process of understanding yourself, this is the foundation of personal growth and success.

    Recognize you have the power to regulate your emotions.

    Learn how to stop ‘reacting’ to events and choose to ‘respond’ instead to any given situation.

    Develop your own authentic leadership style, which in turn will drive and improve performance for you and your business.

Our Core Philosophy:

Our coaches recognise that every client has the potential to raise their performance bar. We also know that improvement does not happen by magic.

It happens by focusing on the key things that need to change, working out what might be preventing the implementation of that change, identifying what actions can be taken, and practising these actions until you are confident that they will be effective in the workplace.

Finally and most importantly learning to enjoy this creative process and being willing to evaluate and renew your progress at regular intervals.

Done well, the coaching process will feel like magic to you. The magic for us is the sense of pride and
satisfaction we derive from seeing your progress and growth.

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