The Leader As Coach

How To Unleash Creativity, Confidence And Commitment

Increasingly, coaching is becoming integral to the fabric of a learning culture – a skill that good managers at all levels need to develop and deploy – it helps define the organization’s culture and advance its mission
~ Herminia Ibarra & Anne Scoular ~

Coaching Skills For Leaders

Twenty-first-century leaders can no longer be expected to have all the answers or simply to exercise command-and-control imperatives. More and more leaders are adding coaching skills to their leadership style in order to facilitate their teams to further improve performance, decision making and their ability to solve problems effectively. This robust model of leadership significantly boosts the engagement, commitment and energy of everyone involved and heightens efficiency and productivity.

Attending this workshop will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to coach with confidence. You will be able to identify when and where it is appropriate to coach and you will be clear about the benefits to you and your team.


  • Understand the role and benefits of coaching in business
  • Develop skills, behaviours and the confidence for successful coaching
  • Practice and embed a coaching approach which can be used ‘in the moment’ with colleagues and your team
  • Recognise when to apply coaching skills or another style
  • Experience ‘real topic’ coaching practice with focussed feedback
  • Build self-awareness and impact as a coach and as a team leader
  • Develop an action plan against agreed objectives
Remote Coaching Via Telephone, Email & Video Calls.

A brilliant one-day workshop for improving leadership effectiveness and individual and team performance
~ Director, Barclays Bank ~

Course Content

  • What are the key questions you have about coaching? Ways of working
  • What is coaching? Why coach? Skills of a coach. Developing a coaching mindset
  • Introduction to the GROW Model
  • Live Coaching Practices
  • Live Coaching Demonstration
  • Developing the key skills of active listening, questioning, feedback and managing self as a coach
  • Action planning, determining next steps to build and develop each leader’s coaching journey
Remote Coaching Via Telephone, Email & Video Calls.

This workshop exceeded my expectations in every way. Richard delivered it with warmth, understanding and real encouragement. I feel that I now have a whole new set of skills with which to encourage my team to maximise their own performance. Thank you

~ Director, Barclays Bank ~

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