Coaching For Groups & Teams

Sustainable Group Coaching to achieve your strategic goals

Our goal is to create people and organisations that will be around
for ages and whom are freed to do their very best work

~ Bill Campbell, Executive Coach ~

Groups and Team Coaching

We are often asked to work with teams of Senior Leaders. This work is extremely demanding and requires coaches who are very much on top of their game and comfortable when dealing with multiple and often conflicting agendas.

In addition to our expert knowledge and experience of the coaching craft, we bring world-class facilitation and team development skills, together with our own experience of what it takes to lead an outstanding business team, which will ultimately deliver the greatest return to the business.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Reviewing the team’s strategic direction and priorities

  • Raising awareness of current team dynamics and impact on performance

  • Clarifying the basic norms of behaviour and setting clear boundaries

  • Creating trust to enable robust conversations on important issues

  • Building a structure to support operational, strategic and development goals

  • Developing an on-going, coherent review and feedback process

  • Setting strategy, priorities and values

  • Creating shared goals that go beyond the sum of individual goals

  • Raising the leadership impact of the team

  • Communicating clear actions, expectations and direction

  • Developing partnership behaviours across team and stakeholder communities

Executive Coaching - Groups and Teams

Coaching which delivers transformational change and profoundly impacts performance and business effectiveness

Key Outputs:

  • Definition of a clear vision

  • Clarity of purpose individually and collectively

  • Agreement on appropriate values linked to actual behaviours

  • An understanding of key stakeholder perspectives

  • Strategy assessment and definition of purpose and goals

  • Review of tactics – what works and what does not work

  • Agreement on the ‘how’ to lead the business/business unit

  • Full team engagement in collective leadership

  • Development of the team as role model leaders to the business

A Powerful Tool

Team coaching is a powerful tool that brings individuals together to develop their skills, awareness and efficiency, leading to a more focused overall performance. Leaders spend a significant amount of time working as part of teams and yet it is rare to experience a truly high performing team.

Our Coaches can work with you and your teams to unlock their potential with a focus on achieving the highest possible performance. It is by focusing on this goal that your business can gain the competitive advantage.

Group and Team coaching can have a truly magical impact enabling people to go off and do great things.

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