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Everybody needs a Coach ……
~ Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc. ~

Executive Coaching - What Is In It For You?

In recent years Business Leadership has become even more complex. Increases in mobility, pace of technological change, new agile market entrants, International challenges, Covid-19, the requirement for greater transparency, compliance with regulators, the need to improve your businesses impact on the environment and the community, all constitute an enormous challenge for leaders in business.

Our outstanding knowledge and experience of business, combined with our world-class coaching skills, enables Leaders, key players and high potentials to accelerate their success and deliver an excellent return on their company’s investment. By working with us our clients have demonstrated:

  • A drive for success

  • An agenda for transformational change

  • The means to use their own bandwidth more effectively

  • A strong sense of the key priorities facing them and the key actions they must take

  • A better understanding of their strengths as a Leader

  • Insight into the actions they must take to improve their Leadership style

  • Values which are more clearly aligned with those of their company

  • A recognisable commitment to their own learning and development

  • A willingness to take risks and execute

  • Improved choice in how they work with their team and key stakeholders

  • Resilient leadership which then builds resilient businesses and organisations

The mean Return on Investment in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported a stunning ROI of 10 – 49 times the cost
~ Forbes.com report on ROI for Executive Coaching ~

Executive Coaching done well enables you to hone your business Leadership skills in just the same way as a good tennis coach hones the skills of the leading tennis players. The Executive Coach combines their coaching skills and their business experience to enable you to make the most of your business and Leadership strengths, and to challenge you to reframe and repurpose your areas for improvement. Executive Coaching is focused on how you can make things happen in your business and from the outset you will wonder at the value that you can derive from each session. Our Executive Coaches will enable you to go about your business with renewed confidence and vigour, better able to navigate, perform and transform by aligning yourself, your people, your stakeholders, your purpose and your strategy. We can help you to significantly improve your impact on your business’s bottom line and your business legacy at one and the same time.

The Key Themes For Our Executive Coaching Are:

Executive Coaching - Leadership

Leadership & The Leader as Coach:

Our aim is to liberate you from the shackles of your perceived limits so you can find new clarity, purpose, inner strength and resilience. You will return to work after each coaching session with renewed confidence, inspiration and integrity. We will help you make sustainable changes in thinking and behaviour and can provide coaching skills for you as a leader to develop your team’s performance, decision making and problem-solving ability. All this will positively impact not only your own leadership style but also influence the engagement, commitment and performance of those who work for you.

Executive Coaching - Performance

Performance & Resilience:

A key focus for most of our clients is their own individual performance and that of their team and the impact of this on their business. Our coaches’ challenge is to help each individual client understand what are the most important changes that they need to make, and to take actions in ways which encourage growth, creativity and improved performance. Resilience coaching is key to our offer and enables people and businesses to respond, recover, thrive and flourish in the face of change and uncertainty.

Executive Coaching - Strategy


Our objective is to reinforce the principal that the strategy development process needs to build on the energy, experience and engagement of all the key players on the Board. With our expert facilitation, we will help you gain the maximum buy in from the whole team and work with you to design and facilitate the strategic development process. We seek to enable the creativity of each individual Director such that they are 100% committed to the strategy and 100% focused on the execution of that strategy.

About Our Approach:

Executive Coaching Relationships


The relationship between you and your coach is key to its success and it is important that you choose a coach who feels right for you ie one who you trust to provide the right balance between acknowledging your strengths and progress and challenging you to push yourself even harder

Executive Coaching Relationships


Coaching done well (and our coaches strive constantly to do it to the best of their ability) should be exciting and enjoyable and most importantly should enable you to enjoy your business and personal lives more fully.

Executive Coaching Purpose


It is vital for you and your coach to agree the Leadership/business agenda on which you are going to work together. It is equally important that you agree on the amount of time to invest in the coaching, the key milestones and a target end date for the work.

Executive Coaching Services:

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