About Our Clients

We feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work with the most amazing people and in an enormously diverse range of organisations both in the UK, Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We have worked in the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors in industries such as international media, telecoms, software, technology chemical engineering, banking, retail, construction, pharmaceutical, health, government.

There is one thing that stands out regarding every one of our clients and that is their individual determination to stretch their personal performance and to use this to find new ways to impact their people and their performance. It is also our clients themselves who continually inspire us and challenge us to hone our own skills as leaders and world-class coaches.

Some of our Clients

Porsche Holding
NHS Foundation Trust
London Business School
Earthwatch Institute
British Telecoms
Barclays Bank
Balfour Beatty
Enterprise Rentacar
University of Sussex
Trafford Enterprises
Merril Consultants
Laing O'Rourke
Marine Conservation Society
Trafford Enterprises
Imperial Tobacco
Pinnacle Group
Q1 Care

What our clients say

  • “This was the best 2.5 hours of training I have ever had, not only at Barclays but in my
    entire career! I thoroughly enjoyed the session.”

    ~ Director, Barclays Bank ~

  • “Richard is constantly challenging me to think more deeply about the issues at hand and to
    think outside the box. The solutions I then develop have then proved to be both sustainable
    and successful.”

    ~ MD, Telecoms ~

  • “The Coaching sessions with Richard were relevant, inspirational and super useful. Amazing
    that he could help me completely re-perceive my situation and develop new ways forward
    by simply working via the telephone”

    ~ Head of Sales, Chemical Engineering Company, China ~

  • “Richard’s style was hugely effective. He worked with me in ways that were extremely
    insightful and rewarding both personally and for the business. I came away very impressed
    by the power of coaching.”

    ~ Director, Investment Bank ~

  • “I now practise Mindfulness most lunch hours. Afterwards I feel re-energised, re-focused
    and have a greater sense of clarity and purpose. Decision making skills greatly enhanced. I
    have also found this to reflect well in my leadership role.”

    ~ Sales Director, IT ~

  • “I do think the practise of Mindfulness leads to much improved leadership skills, stress
    reduction and greater generosity towards colleagues. Team work is better as a result.”

    ~ Director, Pharmaceutical ~

  • “Bonnie Roberts is a brilliant and truly exceptional presentation coach. I am now delivering
    key-note speeches with great impact and success. I found her additional use of Mindfulness
    coaching really helpful particularly in terms of developing laser like focus and building new
    levels of personal positivity and confidence.”

    ~ Director, PR Company ~

  • “In a nutshell, Bonnie made the topic of presenting fun, challenging and stimulating. I
    certainly haven’t been engaged as completely as that in a very long time. She more than
    met the needs and expectations of our group leaders and the effectiveness of her training
    has proved invaluable in our business life.”

    ~ TUV Product Service Ltd ~

What our clients say

  • “I am much more productive and effective after a Mindfulness meditation. I now stop at least 4 times a week at lunch time for 10 mins and am back at my desk in the afternoon with a lot more energy and clarity. Decision making skills greatly enhanced. Great for the bottom line.”

    ~ Corporate Sales Director ~

  • “As a school head my days were very long and extremely tiring. Since meditating I have increased my energy and effectiveness ten-fold. I am enjoying my days and even have enough energy left to enjoy my evenings and hobbies too. I am generally getting a lot more done and oh, sleeping much better too.”

    ~ School Head Teacher ~

  • “I do think the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation leads to much improved leadership skills, stress reduction and greater generosity towards colleagues. Team work is better as a result. It does need practising though to see the benefits. Perhaps at least 10 mins five times a week. The good news though is that it is incredibly portable so you can do it anywhere including trains, planes, buses, tubes, offices, cars (stationary!) etc.”

    ~ Leading Pharmaceutical Manager ~

  • “Raised awareness of reactions and building new habits to help cope in difficult work situations in a much more resilient manner.”

    ~ Large Telecoms Director ~

  • “Bonnie’s exuberant leadership was uplifting, clear and very insightful. Her confidence lent the sessions gravitas so she is very easy to trust. Her energy and positivity are an inspiration.”

    ~ Social Worker ~

  • “We have never had a trainer who has walked away with the kind of remarks and 100% scores on evaluation forms that Bonnie Roberts from Positive Consultancy achieved. Her Personal Impact training wasn’t just good it was truly exceptional.”

    ~ Windsor and Maidenhead Executive Job Club ~

  • “Bonnie Roberts is a ‘brilliant’ and ‘inspirational’ presentation coach. She has definitely made an impact on me and worked with me successfully to ‘create impact’ with others. Bonnie taught me much more than just honing my presentation skills. I found the mindfulness coaching really helpful too particularly in terms of developing laser like focus and building new levels of personal positivity and confidence”

    ~ Director leading PR Company ~

  • “I am an experienced business coach however my Presentation and Mindfulness training with Positive Consultancy Ltd has given me many new strategies and techniques to help me deliver more effective speeches, including, interestingly enough, using Mindfulness tools. I would recommend their holistic training one hundred percent. I came away learning so much more than I had expected.”

    ~ International Business Coach ~

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