Building Resilience in Tough Times

In an interview by Dan Snow with Andy Macnab of the SAS and Bravo Two Zero fame – Andy tells an extraordinary life story of resilience, from being abandoned as a baby outside Guy’s Hospital in London, through Borstal, to the Green Jackets, to the SAS and now an author who has sold over 33 million books. Dan asked Andy a number … Read More

Achieving Peak Performance For Groups And Teams Through Executive Coaching

Achieving Peak Performance & The Role Of The Executive Coach

Executive Coaching programs have proven to be a highly effective way of developing Senior Leaders. Many businesses/organisations quite rightly seek to apply executive coaching on a one-to-one basis and address the leadership development/performance needs of individual senior leaders. Whilst this is often sufficient another effective intervention might be executive team coaching. The key difference is that the Coach can be … Read More

Why Your Presentation Skills Are Essential For Leadership Success

Why Great Presentation Skills Are Essential For Leadership Success

Leadership is about having vision. However, that’s only half the battle. If you want to succeed as a leader you need to be able to present your vision in a way that inspires and drives others to help you achieve it, particularly when the going gets tough. Your presentation skills, or in other words how you communicate, are therefore extremely … Read More

Why Every Great Business Leader Needs A Coach

Why Every Great Business Leader Needs A Coach

It would be hard to imagine any sports team or professional athlete getting by without a coach. This is increasingly the case in business too. There are so many parallels you can draw between business and sport such as the drive for successful, high performance and the need to go beyond perceived limits. Smart organisations are now deploying coaching strategically … Read More