A Top, Bite-Sized Tip for Mental Health Awareness Week and National Walking Month

In Mental Health Awareness Week it is no surprise that the Mental Health Foundation have chosen Nature as their theme. In order to help combat the stress and anxiety created not only by the pandemic in the last year but also to help the one in four people who experience a mental health problem at any one time, their choice of Nature seems particularly helpful. Their research points significantly  to walking outside in Nature as one of the top coping strategies during the pandemic (in fact 59% of adults who suffered stress in this time said walking helped them a lot).  It has proven to be not only good for the heart, muscles, and the overall metabolism rate but also improves our emotional health too.

As Deborah Grayson Riegel says in the Harvard Business Review click here

“When I want to do something that’s good for my mind, body and soul, it’s walking”

Deborah is absolutely right in that it takes little preparation, minimal effort, no special equipment and can expand or contract to fit the time available. 

“You don’t always have to walk outside either,” says Bonnie Roberts from Positive Consultancy Ltd, “several of my clients benefit enormously just from getting up from their desk chairs and mindfully walking around their home or office.  They feel more grounded, calmer, less stressed, experience better mood and are then in a better place to be able to re-enter the fray of work afterwards.”  

“Nature is undoubtedly the best healer,” according to Positive Psychology.  “Spending time in nature awakens our senses and provides clarity.

Many studies have proved that people who have a close connection to the landscapes are happier from the inside – they indulge themselves in positive thinking and have better coping mechanisms than others.  

A strong human-nature relationship means emotional balance, more focus, solution-oriented thinking, and an overall resilient approach to life.”

Why not take a WALK on the wild side or just in your office space/home and if that is tricky for you, just look outside your windows. Connect with nature, use your senses wherever you are, stop and breathe and simply notice how you feel after that.  AND if ever you are near Goring on Thames, then why not try a walk with Steve Godz @GGWildlifeWalks for every age group.  He’s an expert ‘spotter’ of nature, he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about wildlife, he is fun and approachable. Check out his website for more details. 

Bonnie Roberts and Richard Roberts from Positive Consultancy Ltd offer executive coaching and run workshops both in Resilience and Stress Reduction for businesses, organisations and individuals. 

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