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Business Coaching That Delivers Successful Results

As a Senior Business Leader (CEO, CFO, HR Director, CIO, Marketing Director, Sales Director or High Potential) you need to be on top of your game 24/7, able to combine in-depth strategic thinking, first-class leadership skills, with penetrating analysis and attention to detail in execution. Above all you must deliver your key financial results, and ideally hit your stretch targets as well.

Holistically Focused - Strategically Driven

As Board Directors ourselves, we use coaching as a key driver of performance with our clients. Together with our commercial acumen and insights into what makes for world-class leadership performance, we deliver powerful and effective coaching techniques to inspire and unlock your true potential. Our mission is to enable you to achieve mastery in leadership, business performance, personal impact and workplace mindfulness.

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CEO’s, Leaders & Key People

We deliver exceptionally high level executive coaching which puts key people and leaders on the fast track and accelerates successful performance for them and their business. We believe in the absolute potential of our clients and help them to find creative ways to go beyond their perceived limits.


Executive Coaching
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Teams & Key People

As Personal Impact Experts we offer bespoke training that transforms your presentations, keynote speeches and leadership style. Whether you wish to 'raise the bar' or have more experience, we can help groups or key individuals build and deliver brilliant presentations that engage, inspire and excite any audience.

Personal Impact Coaching
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Teams & Key People

Mindfulness interventions are based on scientific evidence and offer a sustainable solution to better manage health and wellbeing. They minimize risk of stress, burn-out and not only provide a strong foundation for creative, motivated and productive teams with a high performance culture, but also enable anyone to simply be the best they can be. A win/win situation for businesses and individuals alike.

Workplace Mindfulness

Our Approach

We believe that as a busy senior executive you need easy access to personalised, high quality leadership development that is focused on your key priorities and the performance of you and your team. We provide a solution that is delivered in short effective sessions (1.5 – 2.5 hours), and is extremely flexible. We deliver on a face-to-face basis or remotely (including telephone and skype), and thus we can work as coaches in service of you and your business at any time or anywhere. We enjoy working with leaders across all sectors and geographies. You will find that we are a value led organisation, with a deep integrity and respect for our clients and their organisation. We do not have to 'play the sport' as well as you do. Through developing a strong relationship and building mutual trust we are able to look at issues with another set of eyes and discuss with our clients how to approach them and how to gain renewed perspective on any given situation.

Simply the best 2.5 hours of coaching that I have ever had.

~ Director, Barclays Bank ~

Coaches don't need to play the 'sport' as well as you do. They watch and get you to be your best. A coach is another set of eyes. They build trust with you and deepen perspective.

~ Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company) ~

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